…so, long time no talk. I’m hoping to remedy that in the near future as I document my 101 in 1001 list! I was inspired by a few friends (Meghan, Katy, Elizabeth) who have done this challenge.

Basically, you make a list of 101 things you want to do and you aim to complete the whole list in 1001 days. 1001 days is just shy of three years, which is conveniently the (minimum) amount of time I’ll be living in Charleston. I decided to make it a Charleston bucket list/life goals combination. I’ve created a separate page to keep track of my progress, but the posts about projects/completions will be on the regular blog. Without further ado, here’s the list!

Begin: July 1, 2013      End: March 28, 2016


1.Try twenty new restaurants (Suggestions: McCrady’s, Husk, The Grocery, Glass Onion, Hank’s, The Ordinary, The Lot, Basil,  Zia’s, Three Little Birds, Glazed, Fat Hen)
2. Try at least three food trucks (Roti Rolls, ?, ?)
3. Find my favorite Mexican restaurant
4. Find my favorite local pizza place
5. Try a new ethnic cuisine

Have a Drink

6. Holy City Brewery
7. Social Wine Bar
8. Charleston Beer Week
9. Try at least five different wines from Trader Joe’s and pick a favorite
10. Irvin-House Vineyard

Things to See and Do

11. Aquarium
12. Middleton Place
13. Farmers Market
14. RiverDogs game
15. Visit the different beaches (Kiawah, Isle of Palms, Folly, Seabrook Island, Sullivan’s Island)
16. See a movie at Cinebarre
17. See at least one new (to me) theater show
18. Visit Patriot’s Point and the Maritime Museum
19. Ghost tour
20. Boat tour of Charleston
21. Attend three events with live music


22. Spoleto Festival
23. Wine and Food Festival
24. Restaurant Week
25. The Lowcountry Strawberry Festival
26. The Southern Living Taste of Charleston
27. Lowcountry Oyster Festival

In the Kitchen

28. Create my own signature seafood dish
29. Try ten new recipes from Pinterest
30. Try three recipes that are outside of my comfort zone
31. Make a meal using only fresh items from the farmers market
32. Join a CSA for a season
33. Plant a garden of herbs
34. Plan menus each week for a month and stick to them!

Play Hostess

35. Host a lowcountry boil
36. Host a holiday party
37. Have at least three out-of-town friends visit
38. Host a wine and cheese party
39. Host a cookie swap

At Home

40. Find a secondhand piece of furniture and fix it up to make it all mine!
41. Save for and buy at least one new piece of furniture
42. Buy one piece of art to remind me of my time in Charleston
43. Create my own spring cleaning list and complete all the items on it!


44. Tackle my iPhoto organization and keep it up-to-date with new events!
45. Make a yearly book of photos
46. Own a DSLR and learn to use it!

At Work

47. Get my first “big girl” paycheck!
48. Apply for fellowship
49. Pass my last set of licensing exams
50. Present a poster
51. Learn how to become an effective teacher
52. Become comfortable speaking Spanish
53. Read at least two parenting books for continuity clinic


54. Five beautiful coffee table books
55. Ten children’s books about visiting the doctor


56. Washington, D.C.
57. Baltimore, MD
58. Richmond, VA
59. Return to NYC
60. Somewhere west of the Mississippi River
61. Day/weekend trip to Savannah, GA
62. Travel to at least one city I haven’t been to before (so many choices!)
63. Use my passport again
64. Go to at least one Vanderbilt sporting event (in Nashville or on the road!)


65. Find a church to attend
66. Join the church
67. Join a small group or Sunday School class
68. Find a devotional book to use daily
69. Maintain a daily prayer journal for at least a month…and hopefully a lot longer!
70. Read the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John)
71. Read the epistles of Paul (Romans, First Corinthians, Second Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, 71. Colossians, First Thessalonians, Second Thessalonians, First Timothy, Second Timothy, Titus, Philemon)


72. Become a breakfast eater each day for a month
73. Create a nightly ritual and follow it each night for a month
74. Create a book of things for which I’m grateful and write in it daily for a month


75. Make three things I’ve pinned on Pinterest
76. Make a set of Christmas ornaments
77. Buy a postcard in each city I travel to, write a memory from the trip, and create a book with them


78. Subscribe to at least one “fun” magazine for reading outside of work
79. Read an article a day for a month related to my career
80. Read a “beach read” on the beach all in one day


81. Send Christmas cards
82. Send at least ten birthday cards to friends in other cities
83. Send out “round robin” emails at least twice a year to different friend groups to stay in touch
84. Buy stationery that I love
85. Send ten unexpected thank you notes
86. Send an email to five different med school professors with life updates
87. Update and organize my address book


88. Buy candy and be ready for trick-or-treaters
89. Buy ten Christmas ornaments to jumpstart my collection
90. Dress up at work for Halloween
91. Bake and/or make all of my Christmas gifts one year


92. Get a credit card with some sort of perk (points, cash rewards, sky miles…)
93. Open a savings account and put a percentage of my paycheck in it each month
94. Start a 401k
95. Start paying my student loans
96. Donate to five charities/causes that I believe in


97. Exercise five days a week for two months–until it becomes a habit!
98. Walk on the beach on my day off every week for a month
99. Do Pilates and/or yoga twice a week for a month
100. Do at least one philanthropic fitness activity with friends (5k, charity walk, etc)


101. Blog about at least half of the goals on this list!

Can’t wait to see where this list (and the next three years!) take me!